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Bupa Global and Olympus have joined forces to offer you
access to world class hospitals and medical providers, either directly or through the well known medical
networks First Health & Magnacare.

For Customers Looking
for Care Inside the U.S.

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For those requiring a provider
in the U.S, (except in New York
& New Jersey)

For those requiring a provider
in New York & New Jersey

Access to these networks are subject to the terms and conditions of your policy. Check your
benefit schedule to understand if your coverage varies when seeing a non-participating provider

Not in the U.S.?
The Bupa Facilities Finder makes it easy to find a hospital, clinic or consultant near you.

Making the Appointment

The Provider Visit



Pharmacy Network

Once the appropriate medical provider has been selected, you may contact the provider directly to schedule an appointment. Many providers will ask you general questions over the phone such as the insurance network name, policy or ID # and a phone number for insurance verification – this information can be found on your membership card. Some providers may request  insurance verification ahead of time; others will wait until the member is physically present with their insurance card to make this verification.


If you have arranged your appointment directly with the provider, we suggest you contact your Bupa customer services team on the number on the back of your Bupa Global Insurance (ID) card as there may be requirements which need to be met depending on your insurance company. This call will give our customer service representatives the opportunity to verify your eligibility and coverage, verify if pre-authorisation is required and if so to start and expedite the process of obtaining such pre-authorisation.

Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment time. When visiting a doctor for the first time, you will be asked to complete a registration form; standard information is asked in this form:


• demographics,

• insurance information,

• present or past medical conditions including medications you may be taking,

• emergency contacts and person financially responsible for payment (in the US, any expense incurred not covered by your insurance company are ultimately the members responsibility).


Providers’ offices will also ask you to sign a release of protected health information. This signed release will allow your physician to provide medical information to your insurance company or provider for verification of benefits and claim processing purposes.


Should the doctor’s office have any questions regarding your coverage, please ask them to contact the  Provider helpline number  at the number on the back of your membership card


Reasons for receiving invoices or bills at home include:


• The medical provider does not have your insurance information registered. This will mostly happen with providers that are

   independent from your main physician or hospital (if hospital services were received). These providers include laboratories,

   pathology providers, etc.

• The medical  provider is seeking confirmation on claim settlement.


We ask that any time you receive an invoice or bill you have not settled, you send a copy (by fax, email or post) to Bupa to
the address in your member guide so we can investigate with the provider and ensure they send the invoice to Olympus.


In cases where you have had to pay for a medical service that is a covered benefit under your insurance policy, you will be required to submit a claim form with the receipts in the usual way. It is recommended that you keep a copy of all documents submitted to your insurer for your records.


                                                is a long-established leading provider of prescription services, providing pharmacy benefits and savings in the U.S. through a national network of 68,000 pharmacies.


If your Bupa Global insurance (ID) card includes the
CVS/caremark logo, please use it every time you purchase prescribed drugs in a network pharmacy in the U.S.

Visit our pharmacy locator tool to find
participating pharmacies in your area.

U.S. Prescriptions Savings Program:

You qualify for this program if your RX BIN number
on your Bupa Global insurance card (ID) is 610415.


U.S. Prescriptions Funded Program:

You qualify for this program if your RX BIN number
on your Bupa Global insurance card (ID) is 004336.


If your Bupa Global insurance (ID) card does not include the CVS/caremark logo, you can print a paper card, by following this link. By presenting this paper card, you qualify for the U.S. Prescriptions Savings Program.


Simply present the paper card you have printed from this site  to your nearest Participating Retail Pharmacy, to qualify for the U.S. Prescriptions Savings Program.


Visit our pharmacy locator tool to find participating pharmacies in your area.

Since 1994, Olympus Managed Health Care has been providing unparalleled service, solutions and systems in the management of health care claims. Today, Olympus is
a leading provider of international health claims administration and cost management services.